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Victoria Nursery School, Victoria Parade, Belfast

Derrytransa Award


The Derrytrasna Pastoral Care Award provides recognition to school communities that have demonstrated exceptional co-operative effort in supporting the pastoral care of pupils and their families. There is one award for the pre-school, primary and post-primary sectors.

“The Derrytrasna Award for Exceptional Pastoral care 2016 for Victoria Nursery School was a most welcomed recognition of the contribution that our school is making in developing a more caring and responsive society. In achieving this award our vital role as teachers and educators of the youngest children in our education system is highlighted. The positive impact made on the lives of many children and their families whom we, as a school community, support in a variety of ways is valued and appreciated.”

“Exceptional pastoral care is about the help and support offered to pupils by teachers or the school community to the challenges and difficulties young people face today. Schools that go above and beyond to make a real difference to their pupils lives. There are many schools that provide exceptional care and should rightly be recognised for their important work in this area.